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Sizing tips

Sizing tips

Here are a few sizing tips to help you make the right measurements. 

  • All measurments should be made with a soft tape measure or a piece of string which is then measured to a hard ruler.
  • The chest measurement for men should be made at "nipple level" since that is the widest part of the chest.
  • The chest measurement for women should be made at the crook of the arm or where the arm meets the chest.
  • When making the the final measurement on the chest, take a deep breath.  It will ensure that you'll have sufficent room in a leather jacket as well as add a back protector. 
  • The waist measurement should be done at belly button level as this tend to be the widest part of the waist. 
  • Women's leather jackets tend to be on the small side.  Generally, if you want snug, add one size to your normal size and to be a little more comfy add 2 sizes.  Use this as a guide in adition to measuring. 
  • Men's sizes are typically accurate by adding 2 inches to the measurement.  
  • If you are a half size, you're safer rounding up.  Textile jackets tend to be looser fitting, but definitely size upward with leather.
  • Remember, if you are bigger around the waist than the chest, then the waist become the important measurement and the one you need to add 2 inches to get the right fit. 
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